World Music

The World Music workshops, hosted by Adham Al-sayyad aim to express the emotions, feelings and awake memories of young refugees about their lives in their home countries, by creating music and using various musical instruments, as well as experiencing music from different cultures from around the world. Led by musicians, industry professionals and experienced mentors, these workshops give participants the opportunity to learn directly from talented experts in an open, multicultural space.

The aim of this workshop is to give multicultural participants a sense of belonging to a global culture by highlighting cultural similarities of multinational communities through arts and music.

First, a contest  is conducted whereby participants would guess the origins of different music styles from all around the world. Next, participants are encouraged to share music and to teach each other dancing styles from their countries and culture.  

Workshop leader:

 Adham Al-Sayyad is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher, and project manager in the fields of ethnomusicology, manufacturing engineering, and social development. 

He has been playing kawala (traditional Egyptian flute) since 2010, which he learned by following grand master Ahmed El-Arnab in Egypt. Since then, he has been organizing several projects to promote social coherence and intercultural exchange through arts and music. Since he arrived in Luxembourg, he launched project ANASEA at espace cultures of the University of Luxembourg with a mission to preserve and revive global cultural legacy among the multi cultural communities in Luxembourg by organizing masterclasses and workshops on world music. 

Adham is currently chairing the Intangible World Heritage Organization ASBL and managing Esch 22’s project BELONG, which aims at providing a sense of belonging to the multinational communities of the European capital of culture region by embracing their artistic heritage through arts and music. 

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