Our partner – FSL

Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg” Association was registered in
2020 on the basis of the non-formal group “Foreign Students of Luxembourg
” (FSL) which was created in 2013.

The mission of FSL is to empower young people and to develop societies based
on human rights, respect for diversity and a sense of responsibility for social
and natural environment.

The objectives and principles of the FSL are:

  • To establish, promote and support social awareness of the importance of
    education to build skills and capacities;
  • To promote education and awareness that acquires the tools of knowledge
    and contributes to the development of personality;
  • To support the art-science dialogue as a mean and expression of a
    sustainable transfer of knowledge;
    -To promote intercultural, inter-religious and inter-civilization dialogue,
    human rights education through the non formal education;
  • To consolidate the potential of youth representatives of different cultures
    and subcultures for the solution of local and global problems.
    Main Projects / Activities
    The target groups and beneficiaries:
    ● Members and volunteers of the FSL;
    ● Participants (youth and youth workers) of the activities and events
    organised by the FSL;
    ● Members of our branches (for the moment we have 2 branches – FSA and
    FSG) out of Luxembourg;
    ● Youngsters from Luxembourg and foreign countries
    (social/ethnic/cultural minorities are always involved in our projects and
    ● Experts involved in the projects/activities of FSL;
    ● All the other people and organisations interested in youth and civic
    ● The geographical reach: the geographical area that FSL projects and
    activities cover are: EU member countries (in the frame of the Erasmus+
    the Programme Countries), EECA(particularly we have strong
    partnership with organisations in Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Belarus)
    and Mediterranean countries (here particularly Egypt, Jordan and
    Morocco). For the moment the FSL has branches in Armenia and
    The main activities are:
    ● Human Rights Festivals (in cooperation with the local organisations
    interested in the HRE, annual since 2022);
    ● Long -Term Training Courses on the competences of the youth workers
    (periodically since 2015);
    ● Various international youth programs in the framework of Youth in
    Action/ERASMUS+ Program of EC (Seminars, Youth Exchanges, Training
    Courses, etc.);
    ● Research and Publications (Transnational Research “Understanding the
    Needs of Migrant and Refugee Women in Entrepreneurship and the
    Creative Sectors”, “A handbook on self-production of promotional
    videos for Social Entrepreneurship”, Handbook for youth workers
    “Inclusive Art and Youth Work”);
    ● Work with youth from ethnic/cultural/sub-cultural minority groups
    living in Luxembourg
    ● Study Visits with intercultural explorations to Luxembourg and other
    countries of the world (in the frame of the cooperation between Network
    of Anna Lindh Foundation);
    ● Annual project “Never Again” on remembrance organized from 2015 to
    2019 in Armenia, Germany in France (supported by OFAJ);
    ● Living Library: FSL is a member of the consortium of the 5 local
    organisations interested and motivated to implement Living Library in
    Luxembourg and to promote Human Rights Education events and
    Personal development and healthy lifestyle has become one of the
    priorities of the organisation and we have been involved in several
    projects on outdoor education.

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Young ACAT Stand Up For Human Rights is a section of ACAT* Luxembourg that aims to raise awareness of human rights among young people with different origins and backgrounds living in Luxembourg.

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