Counting the time until the start of our Human Rights Festival!

Human Rights Education

HRE is a service aimed at educators in school- and non-school settings

  • Offers support for the creation of human rights groups,
  • Invites them to visit the Pictures for Human Rights exhibition which is being held in 6 different locations between December 2022 and December 2023,
  • Provides educational background material on specific human rights topics,
  • In cooperation with LLL, organises Living Library events,
  • In connection with the Stand Up For Human Rights festival, and jointly with the CCDH (Consultative Committee on Human Rights), organizes activities on the theme of ‘Sport and Human Rights’,
  • Seeks to cooperate with various institutions in the fields of professional development for teachers and civic education.
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Young ACAT Stand Up For Human Rights is a section of ACAT* Luxembourg that aims to raise awareness of human rights among young people with different origins and backgrounds living in Luxembourg.

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