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This workshop is an invitation to a writing journey towards our safe place, a place where we feel calm, at ease, at home and accepted just the way we are. Let’s travel on the paper towards our safe haven, may it be real or imaginary, in the past, present or future, lost or found, no matter if it really exists or if it is a complete invention. Let’s create together this safe place where everyone will be welcome, no matter their experience in writing.

This workshop is for every interested person from 16 years old onwards. The maximum number of persons who can attend this workshop is limited to 12 persons. It will be in your mother tongue pr the language of your choice.

Translation assistance will be available in the following languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arab, Farsi, and Russian.

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Young ACAT Stand Up For Human Rights is a section of ACAT* Luxembourg that aims to raise awareness of human rights among young people with different origins and backgrounds living in Luxembourg.

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