Dialogue of Cultures and Belief

From the Golden Rule to Human Rights!

These events aims to encourage young people from different cultural and religious backgrounds to:

Find inspiration in these cultural and religious traditions for active engagement in support of human rights, Create a space for intercultural and interfaith exchanges of views and experience, sharpen the focus on mutually agreed principles for peaceful coexistence, promote mutual respect, Commit to joint action in support of human rights.

We offer as an introduction to working with young people, the brochure ‘From the Golden Rule to Human Rights’, and accompanying background material for youth groups.

Interreligious prayer organized by AGIR (Inter-Religions Action Group, Luxembourg), An ‘Open Space’ in cooperation with ‘Coexister’, a Paris-based organization. ‘Coexister’ opts to transform religious diversity into a force for social cohesion and innovation.

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Young ACAT Stand Up For Human Rights is a section of ACAT* Luxembourg that aims to raise awareness of human rights among young people with different origins and backgrounds living in Luxembourg.

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