Dialogue of Cultures and Belief

Vitrine des Droits Humains au Luxembourg

The exhibition "Vitrine des Droits Humains au Luxembourg", conceived by ACAT and Young ACAT, gave organisations and institutions in Luxembourg and other countries that have made a significant contribution to human rights and human dignity the opportunity to present themselves to the public. Around 50 organisations and their work were presented on 15 banners the…

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Living Library Lux 2021 – Video

The “Living Library” is an event, which seeks to challenge prejudice and discrimination. The readers had an opportunity to meet books with various backgrounds, listen to their stories and reflect on them. On the 10th of December 2021, the Living Library event took place in Luxembourg city. The event was implemented in cooperation with EwB,…

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Young ACAT Stand Up For Human Rights is a section of ACAT* Luxembourg that aims to raise awareness of human rights among young people with different origins and backgrounds living in Luxembourg.

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